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Since 2011, Wellington Casino Hire has been delivering our beautiful Pop up Casinos around the lower North Island.  We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product for any number of guests at almost any location.  We have a good mix of people from real casinos and hospitality backgrounds who have great customer service skills and work hard to ensure that our guests have a great night.

The Game Structure


Most popular

We can supply any number of casino tables for your event.  Everyone will start with a container holding  $5225 worth of casino chips.  All our chips have the values on the chips so people can see what that are playing with.  The tables will be open for just over 2 hours. After two hours, we will get the dealers to cash everyone's remaining chips up.  We work out the top 6 players and they will then head to the Roulette wheel for a playoff. Those top 6 players will start with a new punnet of chips. They will have 6 spins on the Roulette wheel to claim 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  We have bar tabs for Dakota bar which we hand out as prizes.


(used if people want to hold an auction at the end for prizes)

This is the same as the tournament setup without the playoff.  Instead, when the dealers cash everyone up they will write each person a cheque that they can use this for the Auctions.


This works well with the smaller groups and only a couple of casino tables.  We get everyone to play for 1 hour, cash everyone up and we record what each player managed to win.  Everyone will then start again with the same amount of money and will start again.  At the end of the second round we tally up the chips then add them to the first round and work out the top 6 for the playoff on the Roulette wheel.

Free Play

We can have the tables setup around the room with croupiers and chips and people can just come over to each game and play.  Each table will be setup with chips for people to play with but these will stay at the table.  This is a good way for people to mix and mingle and learn the various casino games.