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Come outside; the race is on. This team building activity is a map-based game on tablets. Up to 10 teams adventure around the Wellington CBD, completing a variety of physical and creative challenges by taking photos and videos.


Stretch your imagination and your legs while your team explores Wellington’s many fascinating locations.

This activity is great with your mates or a corporate team-building exercise.

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An Amazing Race includes a mix of challenges for all teams to complete, which are based around the Wellington CBD area within an approximate radius of 3km.

Our host will arrive at your chosen location and teach your teams how to play, as well as hand over each team’s equipment bag.


Up to 10 teams will have around two hours to complete the challenges. As they play, the host marks the photos and videos that teams have sent through their tablets.


Depending on your package, you could also have a manned stop. An extra event host will greet teams at a location to put their teamwork to the test with a more involved challenge such as a puzzle, obstacle course, or coordination game.


The teams will reconvene at a venue for the debrief, where the host will allocate points and bonuses. Before the winner is announced, the teams will view the pics and videos everyone created during the race.


The debriefing venue will require a screen for presentation. Please note: if you are holding this race further than fifteen minutes from Courtenay Place, the host may need a Wi-Fi connection at your chosen debrief location.

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The pricing and packaging for this activity is based on group size.

Our packages have two game types.

Click the Packages icon below to view more information and pricing.
he document can be downloaded.

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