Grab your gats and dress in black 'cause this ain't your grandma's Bingo…Unless Granny was a Guns and Roses groupie. We're rolling our balls out for Rock'n Bingo - dirty calls and headbanging competitions included.


Come join our Bogan hosts for a night that will have you, your friends, punters or workmates rolling on the floor.

Add in lasers, tasty air guitar solos and some bogan-as humor and get ready to rock on with Rock'n Bingo.

Hell frickin' yeah.

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Rock'n Bingo is a boisterous version of the classic game Bingo, where the hosts pretend to be Bogans and each number is linked to a classic rock song. For example, when number 45 is called, "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen plays.

We've spiced it up, but the essential rules of the game are unchanged.  

​Rock'n Bingo can be played at events with 20 people and above at almost any location.

Our 2 comedian MCs will rock up, set up and throw down some sweet-as tunes on our top-notch sound system. Guests will get dabbers, scorecards for 4 games and we’ll have a grab-bag of goodies as prizes.

She’ll be a righteous night, mate.

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Our 2 hosts will set up at your chosen venue and get ready to rock.

We will bring markers and scorecards for each player.


Teams aren't required for this game as it's one scorecard per person, but players are not banned from working together. 

Click the button below to see the details about Rock'n Bingo.

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