We provide the fun, thrill and sparkle of a real casino without the risk.


Wellington Casino Hire has been delivering our beautiful Pop-Up Casinos since 2011.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality and fun service for any number of guests at any suitable location in the lower North Island. 

Our staff have the experience, skills and dedication to ensure that our guests can learn to play quickly and have a great night on the tables.

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Players start with a container holding $5225 worth of casino chips.  The chips display the denomination to make betting easy.  The tables will be open for just over 2 hours. After two hours, the dealers total each player's remaining chips.  The 6 players with the highest winnings will head to the Roulette wheel for a 6-spin playoff with fresh and equal punnets of chips. The winners from the final Roulette spins will claim 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Prizes are bar tabs for Dakota on Courtenay Place. You are welcome to provide your own as well.

Free Play

Each table will be set up with betting chips, but these will stay at the table.  This is a more relaxed format with no competition involved. It's a good way for people to socialise and learn the various casino games. Players leave their winnings at the table and are not cashed in at the end.

Auction -

This format works well for fundraisers and charity events. The same as the tournament setup, but without the Roulette playoff.  When the dealers cash everyone up, they will write each person a "cheque" that they can use to bid in the Auctions.


All of our packages and pricing are based on group size.

They have been designed to offer enough tables for people to play on but not so many that you have empty tables.

Details such as the number of tables per people are important as it allows our croupiers to efficiently manage your Casino.

Click the button below to view and/or download  our range of packages.

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All of our services receive a standard 20% discount when hired in conjunction with our functions venue, The Pow Wow Room, which is located at 74 Courtenay Place. 

​Click the button below to see an exemplary High Roller Package at The Pow Wow Room

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We have a selection of tables and theming decorations available for hire. Please see the galleries below.

Our croupiers will teach players how to play any games they are unfamiliar with. We can recommend tables that reflect the skill level of your guests.

Please note that tables labelled 'premium' are not included in packages and are hired separately, but can be hired in conjunction with regular packages. 

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