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The Pow Wow Room is a beautiful and intimate venue right in the heart of Courtenay Place. 

It is available for both private and corporate hire during the day or the evening

The room has a maximum capacity of 80 people.

Contact us to see how you can use our space to converse with colleagues or celebrate with your family and friends.

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You can hire the room for your next party, celebration, or work event!

We also do live music performances and regular stand-up comedy shows.

We’ve hosted corporations and performers from all over New Zealand and we’d love to host your next event.

We have a dedicated bar, a great speaker system, and a 65 inch TV with HDMI/USB input for entertainment. 

The Room has its own bar, with a great range of refreshments, and a maximum capacity of 80 people.


The Pow Wow Room is managed by Dakota, which means you get the fantastic service from one of the best party bars in town. 

Our bartenders are enthusiastic and experienced, meaning your night will be amazing, and you'll remember it for years to come. 
Bring balloons, cake and your friends.

Let's party!

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Venue hire

We do not charge a “Venue Hire” fee when hiring out The Pow Wow Room; we only issue a minimum spend of $1000 to go over the venue’s bar. This secures the room for you from 5pm until midnight approx. We may be able to extend these times upon prior agreement/request.

Click the icon below to view and download more information on your bar tab and what you can do at The Pow Wow Room. 

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