The Pow Wow Room is a beautiful little venue right in the heart of Courtenay Place. 

With a maximum capacity of 80 people it is available for both private and corporate hire day or night. 

Contact us to see how you can use our space to woo and entice your family, friends and clients.

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60 Second Slam is played on trestle tables with teams of 2- 6 pax and can be set up anywhere with appropriate space.

We have two formats:


Straight Sweep

Teams play 8 games with 2 rounds for each game. The Slam champ is the team who accumulates the most points from the 8 games.

This format is run by umpires who will set up, run, score and pack down your event. We have a roster of games from which we will select your 8. The games will be played twice, with everyone on each team getting a go. After all games are completed, the score will be added to find your Slam Champ.

Slam Tournament – More fun for more people

A select number of game tables will be open for 1 hour after kick-off, with teams accumulating times and points for each of the games. Your guests can form as many teams of two as they like to attempt the games ad infinitum within the hour.  After the duration of the hour, the top teams on each table will do a play-off on that respective game. This layout results in as many winning teams as there are tables.

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The pricing and packaging for this activity is based on group size.

This ensures our umpires can keep an eye on all the contestants and red card those cheeky few looking to cheat the system!

There are 2 game types within our packages.

The first is based on a set team of up to 5.

The second is based on people being able to mix and mingle in as many teams of two over the course of the game.

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