Come outside; the race is on. This team building activity is a map-based game on tablets. Teams make their way around the Wellington CBD, completing a variety of physical and creative challenges by taking photos and videos. Stretch your imagination and your legs while your team explores Wellington’s many fascinating locations.

This activity is great as a party event with your mates or as a conference break to get the blood flowing again.

WEB - Amazing Race strip (2114 x 500 px)

Each game will include mixture of challenges for all teams to complete based around the Wellington CBD area in approximately a 3km radius.  

A race can included manned game stops.  

This feature would engage your teams in an interactive challenge manned by one of our events hosts. For example, an events host challenges teams with a math problem or a riddle, a physical challenge where one of the team must fight a gladiator, or you might find and catch your favorite Pokemon.

Our races can to be tailored specifically to what you are trying to achieve. For example, If you are trying to teach a new team not only how to work together but also want to teach them about the company? We will tailor the challenges to your company values. Or we can teach them specific facts about the wonderful city of Wellington. 

A normal race will run for around 2 hours and will finish at a specified location where a host will run through a presentation and prize giving for the winning Teams

WEB - Amazing Race strip (2114 x 500 px)

The pricing and packaging for this activity is based on group size.

There are 3 game types within our packages.


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WEB - Amazing Race Strip (2114 x 500 px)
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